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What do I do now?

FIRST STEP… go to the organization’s website
and browse for more detail.

See if you are still interested.

NEXT… review the TOC board opening description to make sure you understand the responsibilities and time commitments and that you are able to serve. (Click here for the current list of Board openings)

NEXT… finely tune, in writing, the talents and special abilities you can offer the organization in a leadership role. Often, your board contact will, “What can you do for us?”

NEXT… call or email the organization, as requested, for more information and to express your interest in becoming committee or board member. They may ask you to participate on a committee or in another volunteer capacity before putting you on the policy making board. This is a good way for you to learn more about the organization and the organization to get to know you.

NEXT… if you know someone already connected with the board, contact that person and have honest, open conversations.

NEXT… if you have any questions in preparing for your call/interview, please feel free to email or call Cynthia Primo martin, or 302-540-0196; or Alice Sawyer, or 302-757-2363.

NEXT… it is important to know that board nomination and election processes often take time…it may be months before you hear something. If you are concerned, call your organization contact and ask where the process is.

If you have not completed the training modules: click here to get started.

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